AARON Reeks from Caldicot Town Team has announced that the Woodstock Way linkage plans, which tie in the new Asda supermarket with the existing town centre, have now been submitted by Monmouthshire County Council for approval.

"All of this, along with the redesign of the current supermarket car park will provide a fresh new feel for users walking between the town centre and new supermarket," said Mr Reeks.

Surrey based architects Mountford Piggott have designed the plans, which are specified even down to the types of bench and lighting.

The paving is to be concrete set, which will look like cobbles. The street ware is stainless steel and contemporary in design. There is to be a central fingerpost to signpost attractions along with a 'totem' which advertises businesses.

In a recent meeting of the Town Team, residents represented that the current town centre was badly lit and felt unsafe. The new proposals aim to increase effective lighting and make the space into a more pedestrian friendly environment.