AROUND 130 staff at a car parts manufacturer in Monmouthshire have been placed at risk of redundancy.

Northern Automotive Systems, in Gilwern, has opened a consultation with staff on proposed redundancies as it reduces its manufacturing operations.

NBHX Trim Group, which owns the company, is carrying out a restructure as it aims to become “more attractive to customers and economically more stable”.

A plant in Heilsbronn, Germany, will be closed and Northern Automotive Systems in Gilwern will be downsized by “proposing to reduce its current manufacturing operations”.

Around 130 staff, out of 320 people employed at the Gilwern company, have been placed at risk of redundancy, it confirmed.

A spokesman for NBHX said the main reason for the proposal is “due to the considerable financial losses made by the plant in recent years, and as the market shifts created by Brexit resulting as a contributing factor for NBHX decision makers”.

“The transfer will result in a reduction of the workforce for Northern Automotive Systems affecting direct and indirect employees over a phased approach,” the spokesman said.

“The NBHX Trim Group plans to conclude the restructuring process at Northern Automotive by the end of the year with a staggered transfer of manufacturing operations during this period.”

Cllr Jane Pratt, who represents the ward, said she hoped the Welsh Government could provide support to the company.

“Potentially 130 people losing their jobs is really worrying and it will have an impact on the local community because the people there use the shops and pubs, so it will have a knock on effect.

“I hope the Welsh Government will have some discussions with the company and look at every avenue to try and save some of those jobs.”

Blaenau Gwent councillor Wayne Hodgins said he hoped the news was “not an indirect impact of the Brexit situation”.

He said the company employs “a large number” of people from the Blaenau Gwent area.

“I am very concerned for the people from Blaenau Gwent affected by this, especially in the run up to Christmas,” Cllr Hodgins said.

“It’s never a nice time to hear about redundancies but it’s going to be hard to find other opportunities at the moment.