MADAM, I am visiting my sister, June Alexander, and was saddened to read in your paper that someone had stolen the Goodrich Brownies flower box which they planted and cared for.

I am the County President for Guiding in Sutherland, Scotland, and know much effort would have been put into this project for their hard earned gardening badge.

Mindless thieves should consider the time and effort of the Brownies and their leaders and consider the cost.

Guiding is run totally by volunteers and all Brown Owls, Guiders and helpers give up their own precious time (and sometimes holidays) to run the companys and packs. Contrary to belief they do not get paid.

Do not get too disheartened Brownies – you must have done such a wonderful job that someone felt the need to take the flower pot for their own admiration!!

Myra Mackay, Sutherland