A biker has  said there needs to be a higher level of awareness over mud left on country roads.

The motorcyclist, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he sees farm trailers overloaded which results in spills ranging from mud splatters to “huge great piles of muck on the road”.

Last year he rode through the village of Devauden towards Chepstow and came across mud “six to eight inches high” and “across the whole side of the road I was riding on.”

He added it’s dangerous for those people who travel on two wheels although he accepts a need to be realistic about these things, “especially when farming operations are ongoing, they are in and out of the fields all day”.

He believes it shows a “lack of consideration for road users in a countryside that is a “mecca for bike riders”.

Coupled with the potholes everywhere makes for what could possibly be a “life-threatening” situation on the county’s roads.

He’s a seasoned and experienced rider.

He accepts there will be a certain amount of debris and organic matter on rural roads and has no problem with the odd splattering but claims there needs to be some form of accountability when it comes to heaps left on the road, adding that some farmers do put out signs warning of potential mud on the road,