ANOTHER pair of beavers have been released at a second site in the Forest of Dean.

It marks more than a year of work between Forestry England and the Beaver Trust to reintroduce adult beavers to a 12-hectare enclosure at Perry Hay near Coleford.

Beavers were first released in the Forest in 2018 at Greathough Brook near Lydbrook.

The male beaver at Perry Hay, which is at Spruce Ride close to the Speech House was born in the Forestry England Yorkshire enclosure and has joined a Scottish female at their new home where they will improve the wetland habitat. 

Perry Hay is within the Blackpool Brook catchment of the Severn, and according to studies by the Beaver Trust, is the perfect location for the animals.

Forest Waters Delivery Manager for Forestry England, Robert Cullen (right) with a  contractor Wes Brown taking one of the beavers to the introduction pond. Picture: Forestry England
(Forestry England)

Robert Cullen, Forest Waters Delivery Manager for Forestry England said: “Beavers are ‘ecosystem engineers’, creating a unique habitat through their tree felling and damming work.

“They create pools, wetlands, submerged and standing deadwood and beaver meadows which each support a wide range of species.

“Their activity slows the flow of water meaning the area stays wetter during drier seasons and that flood peaks are reduced following heavy rain. 

“This new enclosure lies on Perry Hay brook, in the headwaters of the Blackpool Brook catchment.

“This is the second home for beavers in the Forest of Dean following the Greathough Brook release in 2018. The Greathough Brook site has developed spectacularly over the past six years and has become a hub for wildlife. 

“This release is the fruit of months of work by volunteers, contractors, the Beaver Trust and Forestry England staff.

“The interest and support that the release has received from the public has been very encouraging.”

Dr Robert Needham, Restoration Manager for Beaver Trust, said: “We're very happy that more Forestry England sites including Perry Hay and the Wyre Forest have come forward for beaver translocations this year and it is fantastic to see another pair getting to work in the Forest of Dean.

“We are thankful for their continued support and advocating beavers and the benefits they can bring.”