Have you ever considered being a foster parent for a youngster from Monmouthshire?

If so the county council wants to hear from you.

Monmouthshire County Council’s not-for-profit fostering team, puts a focus on finding the right home for a child or young person with the aim of keeping them close to familiar surroundings.

The team are looking to hear from people from a wide range of backgrounds who can offer a home to children and young people of all different ages and needs.

People who can look after teenagers, sibling groups or children with additional needs are urged to get in touch.

There are many ways of fostering including therapeutic care, short breaks and emergency care.

Cllr Tudor Thomas, cabinet member for safeguarding, social care and accessible health said: “This is a great time to make a new beginning for a child and young person.

If you feel you are a positive role model, who could give a child or young person support, encouragement, a sense of belonging and make sure they feel safe and secure please contact us today.”

Cllr Angela Sandles, cabinet member for engagement and a foster carer is encouraging everyone to find out more.

She said:“We’re looking forward to talking to anyone who is considering fostering.

‘‘Please pop along to one of the drop in sessions that are taking place across Monmouthshire this March – you really could make such a difference to a local child or young person.”

Sam, who’s been fostering children in Monmouthshire for 16 years added: “Fostering really was a new beginning for us, it opened up a whole new chapter to our lives.

‘‘It is great watching the children grow and take part in activities they enjoy.

‘‘From the second the children move in they are treated as part of our family, experiencing lots of new adventures. It’s great to see them smile and laugh.

‘‘Fostering takes time to adapt to, but there is so much support available from the team as well as other carers who are often experiencing the same thing.

‘‘If you care about children, have the time and understanding then you should definitely give it a go - we haven’t looked back.”

If you are interested in finding out more on how to start a new beginning for a child or young person today - please visit: https://fosterwales.monmouthshire.gov.uk/ or attend one of the drop in sessions that are taking place across Monmouthshire in this month at the following venue:

March 7, 10am - 2pm Shire Hall, Monmouth

March 14, 10am - 2pm Abergavenny Hub

March 20 10am – 2pm Caldicot Hub

March 27 10am – 2pm Chepstow Hub