An Abergavenny man is spending every night camping on the Black Mountains this month, raising money for the Royal British Legion and awareness for homeless veterans.

48-year-old Owen Williams is camping every cold November night with his two German Shepard dogs, before getting up and going about his normal work day. 

Taking inspiration from his father, an ex-service man, Owen wanted to raise money for the Royal British Legion, a charity he says is “close to his heart."

He said: “People keep telling me I’m mad camping on a mountain at this time of year but I just think, where’s the challenge in doing it during the summer?

“I will admit, I have been feeling the cold, especially during storm Ciaran. One night I got absolutely battered by the rain and the wind and then the tent came down. At that point, when I was putting the tent back up in the middle of the night, I was thinking, what have I done.

“It’s likely to get harder as I get more and more fatigued but that’s the challenge.”

Owen explained how he has got himself into a routine which has been helpful and even adapted some elements to make it easier. 

“I now have ear plugs to block out the sound of the rain because it was keeping me up all night. I’ve also got better sleeping arrangement now because my blow up mattress before just kept deflating in the night.”

Owen said he is “absolutely dumbfounded” by the amount he has managed to raise so far. Initially, his goal was to raise £250 but he has managed to raise more than £1,600 in just nine days. 

“The amount I’ve raised in such a short amount of time is brilliant and I have absolutely smashed my target of £250,” he added. 

You can donate by going to Owen’s page on the Royal British Legion and you can follow along on the challenge by going to his Instagram page.