MONMOUTH Music Theatre Group’s lavish production of Lerner & Loewe’s My Fair Lady at Monmouth’s Savoy Theatre drew sell-out performances.

Packed with memorable songs, full of fun, and amazing costumes, audiences were swept along with Cockney bonhomie for a right old knees-up.

With amazing dancing from the cast, great animation and character from every-one; pure enjoyment shone through from every single member of the cast.

Cast and audiences had a 'Loverly' time at MMT's production of My Fair Lady. Photo: MMT
Cast and audiences had a 'Loverly' time at MMT's production of My Fair Lady. Photo: MMT (MMT)

It was a delight to watch from start to finish these very talented amateurs. Credit must go to the wonderful Holly Thody for her magnificent performance as Eliza Doolittle.

For only her second theatre role, her stunning voice uplifted everyone and literally gave you goosebumps, but her acting skills just shone in her transformation from lowly flower girl into lady. Absolutely amazing.

Adrian Bevan was Professor Higgins to a tee, while Steve Banner was an amiable Colonel Pickering; both providing a great comedic relationship as the two confirmed batchelors. 

Adrian Bevan (second right) as Higgins asking “Why Can’t the English?” to the Cockneys with Eliza (seated).

Sheryl Westoby was a brilliant Mrs Pearce exasperated by the antics of these two gents, while Gay Rogers’ Mrs Higgins, the Professor’s mother, was certainly not going to stand any nonsense from her son, with delightful comedic aplomb. 

In his debut with the group, Matthew Bryant as Freddy, revealed his amazing voice for On the Street Where You Live.

Haydn Holder as Albert Doolittle
Haydn Holder as Albert P Doolittle putting the world to rights. Photo: MMT (MMT)

Haydn Holder’s memorable performance as Albert P Doolittle, a common dustman, entertained the audience with his hugely animated performances of With a Little Bit of Luck and Get Me to the Church on Time with his Cockney friends; his ‘moraliz-ing’ speeches were hilarious in all the right places. 

All in all, everyone was amazing. The supporting chorus were brilliant throughout, with quite a few costume changes; and the wonderful black and white Ascot Gavotte scene was brilliantly executed. 

Eliza (with brolly) at Ascot cheering  Come on Dover, move yer bloomin'

Credit should also be made to the talented musicians providing the wonderful music for this production, and the hard-working backstage crew for all the set changes.

Holly Thody impressed as Eliza
Holly Thody impressed as Eliza (Holly Thody)

Truly this was a ‘Loverly’ production and ‘wiv a little bit o’ luck’ the Monmouth Music Theatre Group will certainly be back in September with Gilbert & Sullivan’s Mikado (September 11-14) at the Savoy.

REVIEW: Louise Martin