Emergency services were called to Redbrook on Monday night after reports a man was seen in the river.

The call was made shortly after 7pm on Monday October 24 as crews from Monmouth Fire Station took the lead in a river rescue operation, supported by the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA) and the Coastguard helicopter as well as services from Gloucester Fire and Rescue.

It had been reported a teenager had entered the River Wye in the village of Redbrook and by the time the rescue services had arrived on the scene, a second man, reported to be the father of the teenager, was also in the river.

The second man was quickly rescued from the river bank just below Redbrook by the fire service as the SARA team was assembling, and they assisted with getting him to the waiting medics.

With support from the Coastguard helicopter the first man was then located further downstream.

He was rescued by a fire service boat which was by then carrying the SARA Medical Officer, along with a HART team paramedic, who could assess him. The casualty was landed close to Bigsweir Bridge and taken to a waiting ambulance.

Emergency service personnel confirmed he had been in the river in the pitch dark for over an hour.

Reports that the teenager was seen to have been hit by a car have been mentioned by police.

A man posted on social media that the teenager was his son and confirmed that the young man was safe in hospital that night.

He went on to thank all those that helped: “If it wasn’t for all the help, it would have been a different story” he added.

Another post by the mother of the boy said: “I would also like to add my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped in the search for him.

‘‘The emergency services were fantastic, but it was the locals who were on the scene extremely quickly and started the search.

‘‘We are so appreciative of all of your efforts.”

She confirmed he was taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol but had now returned home and had suffered no serious injuries, “lots of minor cuts and bruises and a few swollen joints”.

She went on to praise all those who helped: “Words cannot express how grateful we are to you all and I truly thank God that the outcome is what it is. Thank you for all your good wishes and look forward to meeting you all in calmer circumstances.”

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “We were called to the A466, Redbrook Road area of Monmouth, at around 7pm on Monday 24 October, following concern for the safety of a man that had been reportedly hit by a car and jumped into a river.

“Officers attended, along with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Severn Area Rescue Association, National Police Air Service and the Coastguard, and the man was safely located and recovered from the river.

No injuries were reported, and the incident is now closed.”