Escaped exotic bird ruffles feathers in Usk

By Marcus Law in Community News

AN ESCAPED parrot is causing a flap in Usk after an appeal was launched to catch the bird.

Local celebrity Robbie the parrot went missing from a house in Priory Gardens in June and is currently living between the rooftop of Usk resident John Davies’ home and the terrace of the Mad Platter bar, where a cocktail has been named after him.

Since escaping, the exotic bird has been frequently heard screeching loudly in the early hours of the morning, causing havoc for nearby residents.

“He disappears for a while but then he’ll be back,” said John.

“He turns up around different parts of town but he always seems to come back in the evenings.”

After Robbie went missing on Sunday it was feared the something that happened to him, but he returned eventually.

“I thought something bad had happened to him,” John said.

“He is really loud, and it was a massive annoyance at first, but I’m kind of attached to him now.

“It would be good to see him back home though.”

Owner of the Mad Platter Victoria Lewis described her relationship with the bird as “love/hate”.

“When you run a bar and don’t go to bed until 4am you don’t want to hear it at 6am!” she said.

An expert is now being sought to help encourage the illusive bird home.

A post of Monmouthshire County Council’s Facebook page read: “Parrot expert wanted to save Robbie the parrot... Robbie is a local celebrity who has escaped his home in Usk and is currently living on local buildings, he’s totally beautiful, very noisy and has a cocktail in the Mad Platter named after him! It’s time for him to be returned home - can you help please?”

Photos courtesy of John Davies.

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