Weapons ‘more dangerous than guns’ missing after Chepstow armoury burglary

By Liam O'Callaghan in Crime

BOWS which can be more dangerous than guns and a Viking axe were just some of the weapons stolen from an archery centre near Crick last week.

Wye Valley Archery Centre on Crick Road, was broken into some time

during Thursday 18th May and more than £3,000 worth of items stolen.

The centre is owned by Lee Palmer who is also an armourer for films, most recently working on the new King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, providing sword fighting and archery training.

Mr Palmer has extensive experience with bows and highlighted the danger these could now pose.

He said: “In the hands of me, an arrow from some of those bows will pierce a British Army flack jacket from 200ft, they can make guns look stupid.

“In the hands of someone stupid you don’t know what they will do, they could shoot an arrow in the air and not realise how far it will go.”

“We had to have the police’s armed response team come down so we could tell them what they are dealing with.”

Ten bows were taken, five of which were recurve bows and the others were flat bows, while there were a range of other weapons taken.

Mr Palmer said: “There was a Viking axe which was hand made for me and a couple of long swords and a couple of short swords.

“The swords have no live edge which we use for training. The axe is a real one, it has a proper head which was made out of part of the SS Great Britain.”

The theft was a flattening change of fortunes for Mr Palmer who had recently finished working on the film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which was released last week.

Mr Palmer continued: “It was a bit of a downer after coming off a really good week having the movie come out and then for this to happen.”

Mr Palmer is still counting the cost of what was taken, but he believes the centre was targeted because of its location. “We are looking at over £3,000 at least, two of the bows are over £1,000 each but there could be more, you don’t notice some stuff is missing until you go to use it.

“We are remote, we are all the way out in the middle of a field and we are not there at night.”

One thing that will be working in Mr Palmer’s favour is that the items taken are very unique and everyone in the archery community will be on the lookout for them.

Mr Palmer said: “They won’t get too far around here as we have 350 members and they are all looking.”

Enquiries are ongoing according to a Gwent Police spokesperson but anyone with any information about this incident should call 101 quoting log 223 18/05/17.

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