‘Vandalism’ accusations after timetable changes

By Monmouthshire Beacon/Chepstow Beacon in Politics

NEW bus timetables installed by a council candidate have been called “vandalism”, despite the former times being almost five years out of date.

An argument has erupted in the village as new updated bus timetables appeared in Raglan this week. They have been printed alongside a message from Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Raglan Alison Willott, leading to calls from some, including prospective Parliamentary candidate for Monmouth David Davies, that the move was “in order to scrape a few votes.”

“Residents in Raglan, where I have been delivering with our Conservative local government candidate Penny Jones, are up in arms to discover that the Liberal Democrats have been vandalising bus timetables,” said Mr Davies, who will stand for the Conservative party in June’s General Election.

“It’s a sad state of affairs when the party of Gladstone and Lloyd George is reduced to vandalising bus timetables in order to scrape a few votes,” he added.

However, Mrs Willot says she believes the main issue concerns the bus company, claiming that when she contacted them about the out of date timetables she “got nowhere.”

“Personally, I think the bus company should replace them, as they know when they are changing their timetable,” Mrs Willot wrote on social media.

“I wrote to the bus company and got nowhere, even though I offered to put them up for them. Apparently commercial services are responsible for putting up their timetables, but for subsidised services it’s the council’s responsibility. So I spoke to the council and asked if I could do it. He said it was fine, because he hadn’t got the time to get round every bus stop, there is only the one person doing it.

“I have met so many people who find it impossible to use the buses as they don’t know when they are, and if you just miss one it is a two hour wait. Back in January, we had visitors wanting to go to Cardiff, and they had to wait 90 minutes. Luckily they were young and warm-blooded, but for elderly people a wait at a cold bus stop is health threatening. I met one person, weeks back, who had missed a hospital appointment at the Royal Gwent.

“Timetables serve a critical purpose and bus users need them.”

The move has been met with a positive reaction too, with some pointing out that the timetables on display were printed in July 2012.

One resident wrote on online: “Surely they should have been updated all along.

“All they have to do is remove the old ones and replace with updated which is what should have been done in the first place. They have been sat there for months outdated!”

Another added: “I think Alison Willott should be thanked for taking the initiative and time to do this whilst waiting for the council to update.”

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Diana Wallace · 80 days ago · Report

A very misleading headline which does not reflect the circumstances described in the article. We should be grateful to community spirited people like Allison Willott who are working hard to improve the communities we live in, instead of giving air time to dirty politics. Time to show each other some respect and good will.

Oliver · 81 days ago · Report

David Davies it also seems is happy to jump on any old bandwagon to gain a few votes! Happier in the spotlight making a fool of himself rather than working for his constituents.

Martyn · 82 days ago · Report

Dai Davies making a fool of himself yet again.

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