Day of action at fire station

By Monmouthshire Beacon/Chepstow Beacon in Emergency Services

A Honda Accord smashed into the side of a Ford van and firefighters set to rescuing the occupant of the car last week.

That was the scenario at a demonstration at Monmouth Fire Station on Saturday, 11th March as members of the public had the chance to view up close the emergency services in action.

To make the scene more realistic, one of the paramedics from next door was hauled out from his tea break and asked to be involved as if he was treating a real collision victim.

The public could see the professionalism of the two teams working together as they co-ordinated a rescue of the victim who was suspected of suffering from spinal injuries. Incident Co-ordinator Wayne Vaughan made sure each team member knew what to do as hydraulic cutting gear was brought into action and the roof of the car was removed.

Firefighter Liz Sharpe stayed with the victim throughout the whole process to make sure he remained calm and still.

Once the roof was off, the emergency stretcher was brought into play and the driver was taken out of the wreck over the back seats.

Scenarios like this are played out all over the country time and time again to ensure that when it comes to the real deal, everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

On the day the Monmouth Firefighter also held a charity car wash. aA total of £960 was raised for the Fire Fighters charity and a local chosen charity.

If anyone would like to know more about becoming a retained fireman, call into the fire station on any Tuesday evening when they hold drill practice.

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Mark · 132 days ago · Report

Surely "retained" not "refined"?

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