Council redundancies revealed

By Monmouthshire Beacon/Chepstow Beacon in Business

ALMOST EIGHTY per cent of early redundancies at Monmouthshire County Council recently were women, figures have revealed.

Of 99 compulsory redundancies at the local authority last year (2015-16), 20 were men while 79 were women.

Further data shows the gender breakdown of employees across the pay grade, which demonstrates that women tend to occupy lower paid positions at the council.

At a meeting of MCC’s Audit Committee in December, it was reported that the total cost of exit packages amounted to £1,691,000 last year, with one settlement package costing the council £102,000 for one person.

Councillor Dimitri Batrouni, leader of the Labour group at MCC, said: “These figures highlight how the Conservative-run authority have made low-paid women pay for their cuts. Many of these women hold frontline positions in the local authority, either speaking or helping residents in Monmouthshire.

“It is sad Monmouthshire’s Conservatives do not value these roles, preferring instead to throw £140,000 of taxpayers’ money down the drain in their CMC2 venture. Why should Monmouthshire women pay for the Conservative’s failures?”

A spokesperson from MCC said: “The figures reported to December’s Audit Committee largely reflect the gender split of Monmouthshire’s employees - 73 per cent female and 27 per cent male.

“Since a request from the Audit Committee last year we have produced figures that indicate how many women and men have left the authority, broken down into a range of factors like directorate, salary level and salary band.”

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