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I write in reply to RW Bradley’s letter (‘Shouldn’t delay vote,’ 8th February). 

It is my hope and belief that Monmouthshire County Council decided to postpone their decision on whether to refurbish or relocate the playground on Chippenham Mead because they are willing to listen to the opinions and re-examine the facts presented to them by both Friends of Chippenham Mead and concerned local parents and people of Monmouth. 

Over the last few weeks especially, MCC have been inundated with correspondence and facts in favour of relocating the playground. Unlike Monmouth Town Council, MCC have shown willingness to read and digest the information before they make such an important decision on behalf of our town.

Mr RW Bradley likes to keep reminding us that it should not have gone any further as MTC have already made their decision and as they were all “democratically elected”, their decision should be final. How dare “Un-elected Ego Seekers” question the councillor’s decision. As far as I can ascertain, the councillors have failed to involve anybody in their ward before making their decision on this matter.

They may have been democratically elected but it is my opinion that we are not being democratically represented. Surely all decisions made by MTC should be with the people of their ward in mind, not as it appears, only their own personal opinions and agendas.

Mr RW Bradley and his colleagues should be actively interested in the thoughts and views of their ward so that they can make an informed decision.

Just to clarify one point, having attended many of the MTC meetings in 2016/ 2017 relating to this matter, the money to refurbish/ relocate the playpark has been allocated from Section 106 money. Surely Mr RW Bradley is aware that Section 106 agreements, are negotiated between a developer and council. his money is to be used in projects such as the improvement of public amenities. A deal that is usually negotiated in order to make acceptable developments which might otherwise be considered unacceptable. The £85K should not be referred to as taxpayers’ money, this is very misleading.

Perhaps more of us should attend MTC meetings so that we can have more of a say in what goes on in our town. These people are making decisions on our behalf, we should be heard!

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