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Our two remoaners in chief have both crawled out of the woodwork. In spite of the completely failed and mendacious ‘project fear,’ we have gone from strength to strength in the last seven months.

More lies and nastiness came out of the remain side than the leave side. The only two complaints which could be made against Leavers are the £350 million a week, possibly not entirely accurate but nevertheless in the right ball park, and the poster put up by Mr Farage which most leaders of the Leave campaigns condemned.

This can be contrasted with the out and out lies of Project Fear that we would immediately be £4,300 worse off per family, that the UK would plunge into a terrible recession, that unemployment would rise, that an emergency punitive budget would be required, and worst lie of all, that the EU has kept the peace since the second World War.

Mr Owen states boldly with no evidence (‘Prevent Brexit happening,’ 25th January) that the only way to reinvent ourselves is to stay in the EU. Sorry, but time after time when we have proposed any amendments, we have been rejected. No, the only way to reform the EU is to put a bomb under it, which we did last June, but it is still pig-headedly refusing any changes. Perhaps only if founder-members France and Italy in their elections later this year reject the EU will it finally wake up. He says that the biased (right-wing) press has soured our attitude towards Europe. Sorry, but where is your left-wing press, and where is its fight back. No, the only institution which has soured us against the EU is the EU itself.

As for Mr Lindley, We have no predicament caused by Brexit, only great opportunities. I have always stated that there are several arguments against being in the EU, but none for remaining. This is why the remain side at the referendum fought such a poor campaign. They had nothing positive to say, only project fear and personal attacks on people like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. We are not committing self-harm, and there is no need for a second referendum. If there were to be one, I believe that opinions have hardened, and the gap in favour of leaving would be greater.

In an incredibly aggressive put-down, remainers say that leavers did not know what they were doing and so, voted the wrong way. In riposte, I fully believe that it was actually a majority of remainers who did not understand the question and voted out of fear rather than embracing a brave new EU-free world.

Richard Wilson

(Highfield Close, Monmouth)

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